1.The equipment hired remains the property of Daystone Ltd

2.The hire charges are for the period stated in the hire schedule quotation or on the invoice supplied. Special rates apply to any period that is not covered by one of our set hire periods, this will be detailed in advance. If an extension is required to a hire period the hirer must notify us minimum of 24 hrs before the stated hire period ends. Extensions to hire periods will be then quoted as required in order for the equipment to remain in use and on hire.

3.Any damage to the trailer or its associated set up accessories will be liable for full replacement cost or cost of like new repair. The hirer is responsible to ensure there is no damage to the trailer or associated and to pay any costs should damage occur.

4.No responsibility can be accepted for injury by use of any equipment hired. We refer you to our best practice guidelines below when using a hire trailer as a guide. We recommend you prepare your own risk assessment for you circumstances of use.

5.Every effort will be made to comply with any reasonable directive relating to delivery and siting of a unit on the hire site. We recommend that you are present on site in order to agree the positioning of a trailer as delivered. Final decisions as to what is reasonable, practical and safe in regard siting of a trailer will lie with us when delivering a trailer. Access to power will be required upon delivery of the trailer in order to set it up properly and test. If power is not available will we instruct as necessary at the time but responsibility for this lays with hirer. Any re visit to site for this reason will be chargeable as a call out.
If a trailer cannot be delivered due to any reason then an additional charge will be made in order to service a re delivery.

6.Trailers cannot be self towed by the hirer and cannot be moved once positioned on site. Delivery will include siting and setting up and will then be locked in position ready to use.
7.A call out fee of £80 plus vat plus additional mileage if necessary will apply if we are requested to attend a site to reposition a trailer after initial delivery or for any other reason.

8.Keys for trailer doors should be returned to us on collection or left safely on site. If keys are not available on collection or with a notified location/person a replacement cost of £35 plus vat with apply and will be paid by the hirer.

9.Trailers should be empty of all stock and ready to be collected by 9am on the day of scheduled collection, a service charge will be made if a driver has to empty stock from a trailer because its not empty, this charged at £30 per hour. Alternatively the trailer may be removed from site as is.

10.If the trailer is returned excessively dirty and requires specialist cleaning or stain removal cleaning internally a charge will be made.

11.If the trailer is overloaded or used abusively this may cause damage or affect operation, a call out charge will be applicable if we have to attend site for these reasons.

12.For non account holders a deposit is required to reserve a trailer. A hire is confirmed as soon as the hirer receives our schedule of hire. Following this a deposit is required to confirm booking. After that the following applies in regard charges for cancellation.

  • Deposit only is payable if cancelled 60 or more days prior to the event
  • 50% of cost of hire if cancelled 30-60 days prior to event.
  • Full estimated cost payable if cancelled 30 days or less prior to event.

13. Account holders terms are 14 days from date of invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest at 15% for any invoice unpaid for more than 14 days.

‘Best Practice Guidelines’

These are for guidance only to ensure best use of the equipment.

– Do not leave the trailer door open for excessive periods of time as this may affect temperature or cause the refrigeration unit to malfunction. If loading large loads for chilling it may be more effective to load them in short time periods or to temporarily switch off the fridge trailer until loading is complete.

– We recommend all hirers undertake there own risk assessment for use of the trailer by themselves of any individual under the command of the hirer in regard their particular usage requirements and location.

– Check the temperature read out of the trailer regularly through usage. There will be a 2 degree tolerance up or down from the set point in normal operation as normal cycles of cooling and defrosting take place.

– Do not stack goods above ¾ of the height of the fridge trailer or block the internal fan in any way.

– If your trailer has two doors, use only one for access to minimise temperature fluctuation.

– The fridge trailer should reach the set point in approx. 1-3 hrs from first starting, chilling or loaded product will depend on the amount loaded and how packed.

– Working inside a fridge trailer should be avoided for long periods so as not to affect temperature adversely and for safety.